Aichi – MEGA Smartphone Sale at auShop Okazaki Kamisato

auShop Okazaki Kamisato: CASHBACK of up to ¥70.500 this weekend!! Special discounts for Xperia XZ1!! 21th and 22th of July (Saturday and Sunday)!! Special Assistance for Foreigners!! WELCOME!!!

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 auShop Okazaki Kamisato will hold a promotional event at the 21th and 22th of July (Saturday and Sunday)!!!

Call Now: 056-465-7875! Special Assistance for Foreigners!

★Summer models release★
Presenting the new and popular model of Xperia and Galaxy!

★New promo from au★

¥16.200 discount for changing models (Kishu Henko) for Xperia XZ1!!
Also, receive a ¥5.000 Cashback that will be charged to the auWALLET Card!
Purchasing two or more units together with your family, the cashback will be increased to ¥7.000 for 1 smartphone to the auWALLET card!
Total: up to ¥12.000!!

*Join “Pitatto plan/Flat Plan” when changing models (Kishu Henko)
*The latest purchased model must have at least 12 months
&nbspAichi - MEGA Smartphone Sale at auShop Okazaki Kamisato
Call 056-465-7875 to consult the store!!

▼Limited Promo & Promo Information▼

<Contract Reward>

If you transfer from another mobile phone carrier (Norikae) and puchase a Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+/Xperia XZ2, receive a CASHBACK of up to ¥30.000. For example, two units will be a total ¥60.000 CASHBACK!

*Promotion Models: GalaxyS9 SCV38/ Galaxy S9+ SCV39/iPhone8 64GB/256GB /isai V30+ LGV35 /AQUOS R2 SHV42 /Xperia XZ2 SOV37

AND MORE!  Discount increase of up to ¥40.500 to the model price for smartphones trade-in (shitadori) such as the iPhone in use now!

*The promotion model for ¥40.500 is iPhone 7 Plus. The value may be different depending of the smartphone.

So you can receive up to ¥70.500 discount!

*: Application for a two-year contract (Daredemowari) is required. It is necessary to apply for “auPitatto Plan or auFlat Plan 20/30”. It is necessary to apply for “Kazokuwari”. The “au Smart Value” subscription is required.
*The Cashback limit is the smartphone price. *Please check other separate expenses for the contract at the shop.

For details on the benefits mentioned above, please click here.

*More information about the promotions above with the store’s staff!!

Special Assistance for Foreigners!

Specialized interpreter staff awaits your visit.
Visit the store during the 2-day thanksgiving event.
On that occasion, just say “Tsuyaku Onegaishimasu”!!!
Even after the contract, go to auShop for the answers to your questions. au provides the “Foreign Customer Support Center” to help all customers!


auShop Okazaki Kamisato

Address: 〒444-2136 Aichi-ken Okazaki-shi Kamisato 2-1-1
TEL: 056-465-7875
Business Hours: Weekends/Holidays – 10am to 8pm   Weekdays – 10am to 7pm

Access Map:

*All values on this page are without taxes, except for those with detailed information.

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