Square watermelons shipped in western Japan

A prefecture in western Japan have started shipping square watermelons across the country.

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Farmers in Kagawa Prefecture, western Japan, have started shipping square watermelons across the country.

Such watermelons were first developed by farmers in the district of Fudeoka in the city of Zentsuji 45 years ago to make the fruit fit in refrigerators.

The watermelons were initially shipped for eating, but were not very sweet. The fruit are now ornamental.

5 farmhouses brought a total of 260 square watermelons to a pickup facility on Wednesday, made sure they were not damaged, and boxed them.

Farmers say the watermelons should be put into cubic boxes with sides 18 centimeters before they fully ripen. They say the fruit are taken out of the boxes after about 10 days for harvest.

The farmers say the products grew well this year because there were many clear days.

They said the watermelons are being sold to wholesalers for about 90 dollars each. The fruit are to be sold mostly at department stores in Tokyo and Osaka.

Source and image: NHK
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