Preparing for Disasters at Home – Be prepared for this!

Here are some of the main measures you should take at home to prepare for disasters.

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Are you making efforts to place furniture in the right places?

In the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and the Niigata-Chuetsu Earthquake, many people died or were seriously injured when they were trapped under falling furniture.
In the event of a major earthquake, it is necessary to consider that “furniture always falls over” and take measures to prevent furniture from toppling over.

Do you have sufficient stockpiles of food and beverages?

In case lifelines such as electricity, gas, and water are cut off, stockpile drinking water and shelf-stable food.
Instead of preparing special items for disaster prevention, try to stockpile foods and other items that are used in your daily life.

Emergency Food, Disaster Preparedness Food

Canned Drinking Water, 11.8 fl oz (340 ml) x 24 Cans, Water Can

Have you prepared an emergency bag?

If your home is hit by a disaster, you will have to evacuate to a safe place and live as an evacuee.
Pack your emergency supplies in a backpack in advance so that you can take them with you at any time.

36-item Emergency Backpack, Disaster Preparedness Kit


Key points for disaster mitigation for foreigners from the government (multilingual support)

&nbspPreparing for Disasters at Home - Be prepared for this!

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