Ibukiyama Driveway Tour

Gifu and Shiga Tourism: Ibukiyama Drive, the driveway starts in Sekigahara (Gifu) and ends in Maibara (Shiga). See photos and more information. #PortalJapan See more ⬇️⬇️⤵️⤵️

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&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
The walk along this road is so eye-popping

Mount Ibuki, Ibukiyama, is located between Gifu and Shiga prefectures and is 1,377 meters high.

This mountain was an underwater volcano tens of millions of years ago. The coral reefs of the period formed limestone rock of good quality.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
The colors of autumn in Ibukiyama

Most visitors climb the mountain by bus or car via a toll road called “Ibukiyama Driveway”.

The length of this road is 17 km and the entrance is at the south base of the mountain. Check here more information about Ibukiyama in an article already published on Portal Mie.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
The value for passenger cars is 3,090 yen (round trip)

The landscape impresses with the beauty of the mountains and Biwako.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
Deep in the background, Lake Biwa

Many photographers go to the site to record the beautiful images:

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
Photographers could be seen with their huge lenses at each driveway stretch

The mountain is known for its various fields of wild flowers, including some alpine plants.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
View of two stretches of the road in the midst of autumn colors

The end of the road is at the ninth station, at 1,266 meters high, where there are three walking trails to the top.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
The end of the road is 1,260 meters

At the top of the mountain, the temperature drops significantly and can be quite windy.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
Sky Terrace’s large parking lot, where it ends at the driveway

For those who are willing to climb one of the hiking trails, in the Sky Terrace area, it is good to go with comfortable shoes, bring appropriate hiking equipment and warm clothing.

&nbspIbukiyama Driveway Tour
The trail of stones. The walk to the top takes about 40 minutes

Check out more images:

Ibukiyama Driveway (伊 吹 山 ド ラ イ ブ ウ ェ イ)

  • Tolls:
    ¥ 2,160 for motorcycles over 125cc
    ¥ 3,090 for passenger vehicles, including keijidosha
    ¥ 7,710 for minibuses
  • The opening hours of the road and Sky Terrace may vary according to the season, see here 
  • Information website: Ibukiyama Driveway (in Japanese)
Images: Portal Mie
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