Kawaii alert: Koi-Yamagata, an all pink Train Station with a “love” theme

Tourism in Tottori: In June 2013, the whole station was painted pink as part of the Koi Eki Project. Learn more about it and see photos of the place! #PortalJapan See more ⬇️⬇️⤵️⤵️

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The Koi-Yamagata station (Wikimedia / Lirim477)

In Japan there are only four train stations that have the word koi (恋) – which means “love” – in their names. They are: Koishihama (Iwate), Bokoi (Hokkaido), Koigakubo (Tokyo) and Koi-Yamagata (Tottori).

In Chizu-cho, in the province of Tottori, there is Koi-Yamagata, along the Chizu Express Line between Kamigori (Hyogo) and Chizu (Tottori) stations.

This photo was taken at night but the pink color continues to attract attention (PM)

However, this station did not draw much attention initially when it was completed in 1994, as it is in the mountainous area of ​​Yamagata of Chizu-cho and there are less than 10 people who use the station daily.

The name came to have the word koi added by resident suggestions in the hopes that more people will come (the term “come” or “koi” has the same sound of the word love) and those who continue to live in the city crave for those who they left the station to come back.

On June 9, 2013, the entire station was painted pink as part of the Koi Eki Project which designated several train stations as the ones that will make the love romance wishes come true.

The Koi Eki Project written on the wall of the station (PM)

In addition to the benches, pillars, garbage cans, station coverings, walls and fences in pink, there are spaces for people to hang heart-shaped wooden plaques (ema) after writing their requests.

The whole pink space (PM)

Even the nameplate of the station has a heart shape and there is a fictional character named Miyamoto Erio drawn on the wall of the covered area of ​​the seats.

The character Miyamoto Erio (PM)

In a covered area outside the station there is a vending machine (jidohanbaiki) where you can buy in addition to key drinks with the name of the station and the heart-shaped wooden sign.

Local with drinks machine and pink table in heart shape (PM)
In the little machine you can buy drinks, but also the wooden signs and little keys with the name of the reminder station (PM)

The post office box

If you leave a letter – or postcard – in the Koi Post, it will receive a special heart-shaped stamp with the date stamp.

The cards in the Koi Post are collected only on Mondays. Do not forget to stick stamp on them.

The Love Mailbox (PM)

Although it is in a place quite far away, will it be cool to just go there and take some photos, after all, it is not common to see a station all painted in pink!

If you’re curious, tap here to see the place. In Google Maps the location appears a bit far away. In the screenshot below the arrow shows where you can access the location by car.

The pink color is seen from Google Maps!

&nbspKawaii alert: Koi-Yamagata, an all pink Train Station with a &nbspKawaii alert: Koi-Yamagata, an all pink Train Station with a &nbspKawaii alert: Koi-Yamagata, an all pink Train Station with a

Image: PM

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