Japan has record 2.47 million foreign residents

A record-high 2.47 million foreigners were living in Japan at the end of June.

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The Justice Ministry’s Immigration Bureau says the number of foreign residents was 2,471,458.

That’s up 88,636, or 3.7 percent, from the previous survey at the end of December.

People from China topped the list at 711, 486 — nearly 30 percent of the total.

South Korea was second, at 452,953, followed by the Philippines with 251,934.

Compared to last December, the survey found marked increases among Vietnamese and Nepalese residents. The number of Vietnamese rose 16.3 percent, or about 32,572. Nepalese increased 10.1 percent, or about 6,830.

Bureau officials say the number of foreign residents will continue to rise due to improvement in Japan’s working environment and infrastructure, including housing.

64,758 foreigners were overstaying their visas as of July first. That’s down 512 from a survey in January, for the first decline in 2.5 years.

Officials say the drop resulted from tough controls by the Immigration Bureau in cooperation with police and other authorities.

Source: NHK
image: Bank Image
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