Japan: Eateries trying to help foreign part-timers

Restaurant operators in Japan are helping their foreign part-time workers get used to the country's working environment.

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The companies are hiring foreigners to solve shortages in the workforce. But many of them quit their jobs partly because they cannot get accustomed to the style of waiting on customers.

Major pub chain operator Watami introduced a new training program in April. Its non-Japanese full-timers are training foreign workers using their experience as part-timers in Japan.

A Nepalese full-timer says he was puzzled at first by the Japanese culture of punctuality. He adds he will share his experience.

Meanwhile, Tokyo-based beef tongue restaurant chain operator Negishi Food Service has nearly 100 Vietnamese part-timers on its payroll.

The firm plans to start issuing Vietnamese language versions of their personnel training materials and in-house newsletters starting in autumn. It already has Chinese translations of them.

The company says it hopes these initiatives will help foreign staff to better understand the company and appreciate it more.

Source and image: NHK
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