Japan: People delighted at Princess Mako’s engagement

The news that Princess Mako of Japan is getting engaged to a man she met at university has come as a pleasant surprise to those who know them.

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The Imperial Household Agency and other sources say the princess is getting engaged to Kei Komuro, who works for a law firm.

Both are 25 years old. They met 5 years ago as students at International Christian University.

The princess is the eldest daughter of Prince and Princess Akishino, and is the first grandchild of the Emperor and Empress.

During his university days, Komuro took the role of “prince of the sea” in a tourism campaign for Fujisawa City, south of Tokyo.
Rina Namikawa also worked for the campaign. She says she was surprised but delighted to hear the news.

Congratulating the couple, Namikawa says Komuro is kind and pleasant, and the “prince of the sea” title suits him. She says the couple will look very good together.

Osaka University of Tourism President Osamu Akagi has known Princess Mako since she was a child.

Akagi says he was surprised to hear that she is getting engaged.

He says he hopes she will create a happy family that people of her generation will admire.

Princess Mako studied at a British graduate school and works as a researcher at a museum in Tokyo.

Sources say she has introduced Komuro to her parents and received their approval. Their relationship has already been reported to the Emperor and Empress.

The wedding is expected to take place next year.

Source and image: NHK
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