Japan’s RareJob to start study abroad program in the Philippines

Collaboration with local company targets Japanese professionals learning English.

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Japan’s RareJob, a provider of online English lessons, will collaborate with a Philippine company in starting an English study abroad program for Japanese professionals.

RareJob will acquire a 20% stake in Grandline Philippines in the city of Makati, which provides language education services to Japanese who want to study overseas. The company is a subsidiary of Grandline in Tokyo.

The condominium in Makati, Metro Manila, where students will stay (Nikkei)

Through the tie-up, RareJob will serve as a contact for Japanese professionals who want to study business English. It will target Japanese companies, proposing the Philippines as a good destination for learning the language. Grandline Philippines will be in charge of instruction.

Rarely does a Japanese company offer business English study programs in the Philippines for working professionals. Under the program, students will study for at least six hours a day in one-on-one sessions with Filipino teachers. The students will be housed at a condominium near the school.

Sales activities will begin in May. The length of stay is expected to be between one to three months. The one-month program will cost about 450,000 yen ($4,100), which includes accommodation.

RareJob will highlight the benefits of learning business English, and offer students the chance to work in real work environments during their stay. Textbooks will be modified to accommodate the needs of each student. For example, if a student is an accountant, lessons may deal with International Financial Reporting Standards.

The companies involved in the program aim to rack up about 100 million yen in sales for the first year.

Source and image: Nikkei
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