The number of Japanese heading to their hometowns or resorts for the annual “bon” summer holidays is expected to hit a peak on Thursday.

Operators of Shinkansen trains say the congestion on outbound lines from Tokyo will peak that day.

11 aug obon holiday 1
They say almost all reserved seats on the Hokkaido Shinkansen line, which debuted in March, are fully booked. Bullet trains bound for Fukuoka Prefecture, western Japan, also are almost full.

Airline companies say most domestic flights from Tokyo and Osaka are completely booked on Thursday.

The Japan Road Traffic Information Center says outbound traffic between Tokyo and Nagoya, central Japan, was backed up for 32 kilometers as of 6 AM. The Tohoku Expressway, which leads to northern Japan, has a jam of 26 kilometers.

Expressway operators say the outbound traffic is expected to increase further later in the day.

Source: NHK
Image: ANN
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