Knowing more about Nankai Trough

Know more about the Nankai Trough and know how and what to prepare during an occurance of a natural disaster.

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A major earthquake is expected to strike sometime along the Nankai Trough, it is a submarine trench running off the Japanese archipelago from around Shizuoka Prefecture in Honshu to the seas east of Kyushu. And for the past 40 years, the central government has sought to estimate when will the next quake hit Tokai Region and establish disaster prevention measures accordingly.

It is also said that about 90 percent of municipalities would consider urging residents to evacuate based on signs that a powerful earthquake including aftermath tremblor could strike the Nankai Trough.

The Disaster Prevention Division in Matsusaka City, Mie Prefecture has created a brochure to help residents prepare in any case a natural disaster occurs. The said brochures are supported in 5 languages mainly Filipino, English, Japanese, Chinese and Portuguese.

Tagalog version of the Preparation for Natural Disaster made by the Disaster Prevention Division of the Municipality of Matsusaka.

You can find these brochure on the Foreigner’s Help Desk located on the 1st floor of Matsusaka Municipal Office.

For more information you can visit Matsusaka City Office and our friendly staffs will accomodate and assist you. Filipino/English and Portuguese Interpreter are available from Mondays-Friday 8:30- 5:00

Source and Image: Disaster Prevetion Division Matsusaka City Office/ Sarah Lara Bartolome


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