Aichi: New Year Promo at auShop Handa Inter

auShop Handa Inter: NEW YEAR PROMO!! Xperia XZ2 with ¥54.000 discount for new contracts and model change!! iPhone: special cashback!! Gakuwari (student discount) started!! January 05th and 06th (saturday and sunday)!!!

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auShop Handa Inter will hold a promotional event
at the 5th and 6th of January (Saturday and Sunday)!!!

Call Now!! TEL: 0569-22-8625!

★Big price cut for Xperia XZ2/Xperia XZ2 Premium★

New contracts and model change: receive up to ¥54,000 discount!
Other promos are also available. For more details, please consult the shop (TEL: 0569-22-8625).

Terms and Conditions
Conditions: Subscribe to 【au Pitatto Plan/au Flat Plan】+【2-year Contract】 together with the purchase of the applicable model【au Konyu Support】.
【au Konyu Support】: There is a penalty fee of up to 40,000 yen in case you change, cancel the contract, temporary pause or change model by purchasing a new model within 12 months, except for [au Pitatto Plan] [Data Teigaku 1~30] [LTE Flat] plan.
【2-year Contract】: It will be an automatic renewal every two years. In case of cancellation in between contract, a contract cancellation fee (9,500 yen) will be charged(Excluding renewal period)。※In case of model change, the last purchased model registered in KDDI must be used for more than 6 months.※ If the model price falls below the discount amount, the discount amount will be the upper limit on the model price.
※ The  [Maitsuki Wari] [Hatsu Sumaho Wari] [3G Sumaho Kishuhenko Program] [Android MNP au Konyu Support] etc. may not be possible to use in combination with other measures implemented by KDDI ※ The [au Pitatto Plan] is a set subscription with [LTE NET]
※Please check shop front for the cost of other separate contract. ※ Depending on the timing, conditions and discount amount etc. may end or change.

▼New promo deal from au▼

Currently accepting subscription on the very popular au Gakuwari!!

If you are 25 years old or younger, you can have a smartphone with 5GB internet usage fee for only ¥980~!!

Now is the opportunity to purchase a new smartphone!

Terms and Conditions
【Gakuwari】Customers under 25 years old are eligible for user registration.※ When the conditions on [Gakuwari] and [Keitai→au Sumaho Wari] [Kakeho Wari 60] have been met, the [Keitai→au Sumaho Wari] [Kakeho Wari 60] will be prioritized for application ※ The total amount will be discounted after applying for various discount services on Basic Usage Fee・Domestic Communication Charges・Option fee (except some parts). If the discount target total amount is less than the discount amount, the maximum total amount will be the amount of the discount. 
【Gakuwari/Sumaho Oen Wari】Purchase of the model is necessary except for model change from the au Keitai 3G subscription fee plan that you subscribe to (the latest purchased model registered in KDDI). ※Corporate contracts are not covered ※ If the conditions are not met, the discount will be terminated. ※ There will be separate cost for model fee, call / communication fee, other option fee, universal service fee, contractual expenses etc.

&nbspAichi: New Year Promo at auShop Handa Inter

★Latest iPhone Now on Sale★

Limited period event!! Latest iPhone Big SALE!! Cashback amount will be posted at the shop!!

The shop waits for your visit!

 Special Assistance for Foreigners!

Specialized interpreter staff awaits your visit.
Visit the store during the 2-day promotional event.


auShop Handa Inter

Address: 〒475-0925 Aichi Ken Handa Shi Miyamoto Cho 5-302-2
TEL: 0569-22-8625
Business hours: Weekends/Holidays – 10am to 8pm   Weekdays – 10am to 7pm
Facebook: (Like the page! The auShop awaits your visit!)

Access Map:

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