Traffic reminder for the center of northern part of Kanto in the morning of the 12th due to snow.

Snow is expected to fall in Kanto Region of Japan on the 12th of December.

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&nbspTraffic reminder for the center of northern part of Kanto in the morning of the 12th due to snow.

The northern part of Kanto region is affected by the low pressure and the cold temperature in the sky, and it is expected that snow will fall around the mountain and also in other places in the morning of December 12.

Even along the mountains in the southern part of the Kanto region, there is a danger that snow will be mixed with rain. Be mindful and pay attention to the impact of this weather on the traffic.

According to the Meteorological Agency, due to the influence of the cold air in the sky, the temperature in the Kanto region on the 11th does not rise so much, the highest temperature during the day in Tokyo city center and Yokohama city is 7.3 degrees, 7.9 degrees in Saitama City, 8.1 degrees in Maebashi City and 8 degrees in Chiba City. This has been the coldest temperature recorded this winter season.

Starting in the morning of the 12th, it is expected that rain falls on a wide range as the low pressure progresses on the south coast of Kanto Region. And in the north, snow is expected to fall around the mountain, snow will also be accumulated in plains depending on places.

The amount of snow that falls by the evening of the 12th, is predicted to be 15 centimeters along the mountain in the northern part of Kanto region, and 5 centimeters in cities of many places.

There is also a possibility that snow will be mixed with the rain even along the mountains in the southern part of Kanto region, such as the Chichibu region in Saitama Prefecture and the Tama region in Tokyo.

The temperatures in various places will drop in morning of the 12th, the lowest temperature is expected to be 0 degrees in Chichibu city Saitama Prefecture, 2 degrees in Maebashi City, 3 degrees in the center of Tokyo, Yokohama City, Saitama City and Utsunomiya City.

Japan Meteorological Agency is reminding everyone to be mindful of the traffic due to snow and slippery road due to icy road surface.

Source and Image: NHK

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