Abe returns to Tokyo from Philippines

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has returned from the Philippines after taking part in a series of meetings with ASEAN and other world leaders.

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He arrived at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Wednesday afternoon.

During 2 days of talks in Manila, Abe called for cooperation in further pressuring North Korea into abandoning its nuclear and missile programs.

Abe expressed concern about the situation in the South China Sea, where China has been actively building outposts.

He also said Japan wants to work together with China and other countries to ensure the rule of law and freedom of navigation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Abe spoke one-on-one with China’s President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang. They all agreed that their countries will work to improve ties.

They also confirmed that Tokyo and Beijing will aim to hold a trilateral summit, along with Seoul, at an early date.

Abe is scheduled to deliver a policy speech at the Diet on Friday.

Source: NHK
Image: Bank Image
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