Nissan to offer free checks of recalled vehicles

Japan's Nissan Motor has moved quickly to offer free checks of vehicles recalled due to invalid safety inspections at its plants.

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Nissan says its dealers started to accept applications for the checks on Friday, the same day it informed the transport ministry of its recall of about 1.16 million units.

The automaker says it will begin sending letters later this month notifying owners about the inspections. It says the checks will start as soon as dealers are prepared and will cover lights, turn signals, brakes and other parts.

Nissan has asked owners to make reservations as each inspection will likely take several hours.

The firm was found to have allowed uncertified inspectors to perform final checks of vehicles at all 6 of its domestic assembly plants.

It has also been revealed that unqualified staff gave safety approvals using the personal seals of certified inspectors who did not take part in the checks.

The recall covers 38 models made in Japan between January 2014 and September 2017. They include 10 models supplied to other carmakers, including Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Isuzu.

Nissan says it will report the results of an investigation into the scandal to the transport ministry around the middle of this month.

Source and image: NHK
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