Duterte calls for joint efforts on N.Korth

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is on his second visit to Japan. He arrived in Tokyo in the early hours of Monday morning.

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During his 2 day stay, Duterte is scheduled to hold a summit meeting with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and will have his first audience with Japan’s Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko.

Duterte is stressing the importance of joint efforts to engage North Korea in dialogue toward changing its nuclear policies.

On Sunday night before leaving for Japan, Duterte spoke to reporters at an airport in the southern city of Davao, his hometown.

Duterte emphasized his readiness to work with Japan, the United State and South Korea, to get the North to sit down for talks on its nuclear and missile programs.

Duterte also stressed his desire to closely work with the international community, including Japan, to counter the influence of Islamic State militants on the activities of extremists in the southern Philippines.

Source and image: NHK
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