Train catches fire in Tokyo

A train caught fire in central Tokyo on Sunday. No one was reported injured.

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Police and firefighters say the fire first started at a 3-story boxing gym standing along the tracks of Odawara Line at about 4 PM on Sunday.

The train came to an emergency halt next to the burning building and caught fire. The blaze burnt about 15 square meters of the roof before firefighters extinguished it.

About 300 people were on board the train when the incident occurred between Yoyogi-Hachiman and Sangubashi stations in Shibuya Ward. They were evacuated from the cars and instructed to walk to safety.

Train services on the Odawara Line were suspended for about 5 hours. The operator Odakyu Electric Railway says about 71,000 passengers were affected.

The company says the train was stopped automatically before a control center gave directions because a police officer at the site pressed an emergency stop button.

Source and image: NHK
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