N.Korea: Its bomb test declares fall of US

North Korea's media has covered and praised the nation's 6th nuclear test, calling it a declaration of the fall of the United States.

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Monday’s edition of the ruling Korean Workers’ Party newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, gives wide coverage to what Pyongyang calls a test of a hydrogen bomb for an intercontinental ballistic missile on Sunday.

The front page shows a photo of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un issuing an order for the test at a meeting of the politburo standing committee.

It also carries the full text of a statement on the test released by North Korea’s nuclear weapons research institute.

A commentary by the vice chairman of the Korean Workers’ Party, Kim Ki Nam, on the 2nd page says the blast of the bomb is thunder and a gun salute declaring the fall of the US.

It says the test shows North Korea’s intention to wipe out the US from the earth if it makes any inappropriate moves.

Pyongyang watchers say Sunday’s nuclear test is North Korea’s largest in terms of blast level, and that it aims to demonstrate the leader’s achievement days before the republic’s National Foundation Day on September 9th.

Source and image: NHK
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