Aircraft part falls on car in Osaka

A panel fell off a commercial jet and hit a car driving in central Osaka on Saturday.

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The transport ministry says the 4.3-kilogram part fell off the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Boeing 777 aircraft that left Kansai International Airport at around 11 AM.

The panel put a dent in the car’s roof and smashed the rear window, but no-one was injured.

The panel, measuring one meter by 60 centimeters, was from the base of the right wing.

Japan’s Transport Safety Board says there could have been a serious accident. Two inspectors were sent to Osaka on Sunday.

They will check the part, and interview airline and other staff. No abnormalities were reported during the flight.

The 321 passengers and crew arrived safely in Amsterdam.

KLM issued a statement on Sunday, saying that the airline deeply regrets the incident, and it has immediately launched an investigation. The airline says it is in contact with the Japanese aviation authorities as well as Boeing.

Source and image: NHK
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