Aichi Police warns against household break-ins, car and bike thefts

Aichi Police has issued a warning against household break-ins, car and bike thefts. Learn some prevention measures and protect yourself.

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Aichi Police Information

For a safe ande livable society without crime

Prevention measures against household break-ins

Aichi Prefecture has had the highest number of victim reports of break-ins for the past 10 consecutive years.
・Don’t forget to lock your doors and windows even when you are in your house, not to mention when you go out or sleep inside.
・Attach auxiliary lock devices to doors and windows. ・Surveillance cameras, burglar alarms and sensor lights can be effective.
・During the night, your house should not be kept in the dark. Use lights to keep the area around your house visible. Close shutters and sliding doors. The gound should be covered with small pebbles which make loud scrunching sounds under burglar’s feet which can discourage them.

Prevention measures against car theft

LAND CRUISER, LEXUS and PRIUS are among the most targeted and stolen kinds of vehicles.
・In addition to the ordinary ways of preventing car theft, extra measures are more effective. (Below are some examples of extra measures)
* Steering wheel locks, wheel clamps and anti-crime screws for licence plates
* Surveillance cameras in parking lots, Lights with human detection sensors

Prevention measures against bike theft

・Both front and rear wheels should be locked. ・With your motor bike, don’t forget your steering lock device.
・Park your bike in easily visible parking areas.

Please keep in mind that:

・You are the only one who can protect yourself
・You can play a role in creating an anti-crime community
( An excerpt from the Portuguese radio program “Radio Nikkei” broadcasted on 4/28/2017 )

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