4 killed in plane crash on central Japan mountain

Rescue workers found the plane on Mount Shishidake in Toyama Prefecture.

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Four men have been confirmed dead after their plane crashed into a mountain in central Japan on Saturday.

One of the men placed an emergency call on Saturday afternoon. Rescue workers found the plane early the next morning on Mount Shishidake in Toyama Prefecture.

The plane was found at an altitude of around 2,300 meters (NHK)

They found 4 men inside the plane and took them to hospital. But all 4 were later confirmed dead.

The victims were residents of neighboring Nagano Prefecture.

Their Cessna 172 aircraft had taken off from an airport in Toyama. It was heading to Nagano Prefecture for a training flight above the mountain range.

A tourist who was near the area around the time of the accident said visibility was low because of a storm. Japan’s Transport Safety Board has sent investigators to the site.

Source and image: NHK
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