Factory worker seriously hurt after getting caught in conveyor belt

A female factory worker was seriously injured.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating an accident at a bread factory in Akishima City in which a female factory worker was seriously injured after her body was jammed in a conveyor belt, reports Nippon News Network.

Emergency services received an emergency call at around 9:40 a.m. on Thursday about a female worker who was caught in a machine at the Pasco Tokyo Tama Factory.

Emergency personnel arriving to the scene found the woman, 22, bleeding with the lower half of her body caught in the conveyor belt, police said. She was transported to a hospital where she remains unconscious and in serious condition.

Prior the incident, the worker was cleaning the belt conveyor in a room used for cooling fresh bread when the machinery suddenly started, the network quoted police as saying.

Source: Tokyo Reporter
Image: ANN
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