Japanese fugitive arrested

Police in Japan have arrested a Japanese woman sent home from Thailand for allegedly running an illegal investment scheme in her native country.

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62-year-old Setsuko Yamabe from Kumamoto Prefecture, western Japan, was detained by Thai police in March for being in the country illegally.

She was arrested Wednesday morning on a flight to Japan, and then sent to Kumamoto Airport by way of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

Yamabe was on an international wanted list for illegally collecting about 645,000 dollars from 2 male acquaintances over a one-year period up to September, 2015. She obtained the money by guaranteeing the principal and promising yields of 25 percent.

Police say Yamabe has admitted that the allegations against her are true.

Police suspect Yamabe has illegally amassed more than 6.4 million dollars from at least 70 investors. She told the investors that she would lend the money to large companies.

Source and image: NHK
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